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It might have been around 2009 when the first idea came to me, it was an article about the additives in soaps that cause androgenic alterations (hormone/steroids that define male characteristic) , the article was in Men’s Health but if the chemicals are simulating estrogen, then I’m sure that affects the female body as well (Not to go on to long of a tangent). I didn’t want to be changing my hormones, after all, the substances have been banned in the E.U so why not here in USA? Back to the reasons &  inspirations for MendiolaSoaps, back in High school, I made soap in my Chemistry class along with many other things(Thanks Mr.Sparling!), I got excited about creating materials from (base)ic substances. October, 2011 came around and the subject of Christmas presents came up, leading to creating rather then purchasing. Alissa, my girlfriend mentioned candles and I said I could get behind that so I started looking into specialty candles. As I researched the different candle methods, Soap kept being advertised and so I finally clicked a couple links and fell back into the inspiration that Mr. Sparling had helped nurture in high school. My family and I made four batches and gave them out as presents and asked for feedback, and as the months went on I kept researching, learning and refining my methods and recipe. I asked others who made soap and got together the new oils and created the new recipe, the rest is bubbles.